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About Us

Sequoia Behavioral Health is a holistic mental and behavioral health treatment program run by an experienced team. We are dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives through individualized mental health care.

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Our Mission

Inspiring healthy change by equipping people with the tools to enhance resilience and engage in a life of meaning.

Our Outpatient Center

Intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs allow clients to stay at home while receiving complete and personalized care. Many clients who graduate form the residential program will move on to varying outpatient programs.

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Step-By-Step Healing

Our outpatient center treats not only clients who weren’t candidates for residential treatment, but those who have recently graduated from residential treatment. Each program at the outpatient center requires varying levels of commitment, making reintegration after inpatient treatment smooth and practical.

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A Safe Environment with Peer Support

In our outpatient programming, you’ll receive individual and group therapy. These group sessions are small and intimate—no more than 15 people at a time. You’ll learn skills to help you on your journey, and get the support of others doing the same.

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Treatment That Caters to Your Life

Receiving the same intensive care as a residential program while being able to fit treatment into your schedule sets you up on the path for success. Long-term treatment plans are more successful with customizable options for outpatient care.

Our Residential Treatment Facility

Leaving home for treatment is a daunting experience. In our residential facility, we strive to provide comfort, peace, and security—so our clients can focus on healing.

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An Evidence-Grounded Healing Community

Our community is intentionally small so we can truly serve everyone who walks in our front door. We treat under 10 clients at a time, fostering a compassionate and supportive community. At Sequoia, your therapists and peers will really get to know you.

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Holistic Healthcare Support

We provide medication management and access to healthcare—both mental and physical. During the admissions process, we complete a full assessment of each individual’s health history and needs.

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A Space that Feels Like Home

From bedrooms to therapy and recreation spaces, our facility is designed to feel like home. It’s vital to us that clients feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed during their treatment program.

What is Inpatient Treatment at Sequoia Like?

During your treatment program, you will live and attend therapy in the same place. Daily programming includes individual counseling, group therapy, healthy communal meals, and plenty of time for rest. You’ll also participate in outside activities and support groups, depending on your personal needs.


Joint Commission accreditation establishes excellence in our treatment, staff, and facility. The rigorous standards set by the Joint Commission are meant to facilitate the best possible care for clients. Sequoia Behavioral Health meets these standards through minimizing risk, creating physically and emotionally safe environments, and practicing evidence-based therapies.

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How to Get Started

Whether you are ready to get admitted or just need information, we’re here to make the process simple.

Reach Out

Get in touch by calling us, scheduling a call, or filling out the insurance verification form below. We’ll provide the information you need and determine which program a Sequoia is the right fit for you.

Schedule Your Inpatient Stay

When you’re ready for admission, we’ll work with you to schedule your arrival date. If you need other treatment before beginning our program, we can assist with referrals and coordination.

Arrive and Begin Healing

After you arrive at one of the Sequoia facilities, you’ll meet with advisers and therapists to develop a personalized plan for therapy and aftercare.