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Mental Health Treatment

Explore the resources below to learn more about common mental health conditions and how we treat them.

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Experience Compassionate, Personalized Inpatient Therapy

We live in a culture that sidelines mental health care. People experiencing trauma, depression, or undiagnosed distress can feel that they need to put on a brave face and pretend that everything is fine. Self-medication through drugs and alcohol is often more socially acceptable than therapy. 

Part of our mission at Sequoia Behavioral Health is to remove the stigma associated with mental health treatment. We provide many accessible and holistic treatment modalities, including education for clients and their families.

On average, individuals who successfully completed our program saw a nearly 70% decrease in their anxiety.

Prioritizing your mental health is never selfish. By taking the time to learn and heal, you are caring for yourself, your future, and the other people in your life.

Trauma and Mental Health: What We Treat

We offer compassionate care for people suffering from many mental health symptoms and diagnoses. Our program is grounded in evidence and designed with trauma survivors in mind.

Personality Disorders

Personality disorders can lead to unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. Discover how similar personality disorders are grouped into distinct clusters.

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative identity disorder is a historically misunderstood dissociative disorder. While it’s characterized by alternate personalities, it may not be what you think it is.

Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders

Less than a decade ago, people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders would have their condition labeled simply as “schizophrenia.” Today we understand that people express symptoms in many different ways.


PTSD is more than ‘shell shock.’ It can be caused by any kind of trauma. Learn about how PTSD develops and treatment options.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can disrupt everyday life. We treat it with empathy through a trauma-based approach to help you live a life without intrusions.


Processing trauma—especially certain types of childhood trauma—can be a lifelong journey. We’ll help you get started.


Anxiety disorders can be complicated, and people might not know that they have one. Find out all the ways it might affect you, and how to treat it.


Codependency is a set of behavior patterns that foster unhealthy relationships. With therapy, it can be treated alongside other mental health disorders.


Depression is far more than feeling sad, and it has many different types and causes. Treating it requires both an empathetic and clinical approach.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are intertwined with physical health and mental health. Treating mental health can begin to fix sleep, and many other ailments associated with it.

Dual Diagnosis

Substance use and mental health disorders usually occur at the same time. Identifying the link between them aids in the treatment of both.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder carries a lot of misconceptions and stigma, but with the right treatment programming, it can be successfully managed.

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Do You Struggle with Substance Abuse? We Can Help.

Mental health problems and substance abuse are closely linked. Many people who experience the diagnoses listed above have turned to alcohol or other drugs for relief and self-medication at some point.

The reality, however, is that substance abuse makes mental health problems worse. Substance use disorders can trigger and exacerbate many other health conditions—both physical and mental. The journey out of addiction can pave the way towards better mental health. Here at Sequoia, we treat co-occurring disorders with empathy and understanding.

Begin Your Personal Journey

If you are ready to take the first step towards recovery, one phone call or message is half the battle. We’re ready to meet you where you’re at. Verify your insurance now, or learn more about getting admitted into one of our holistic treatment programs.

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Seeking Help for a Loved One?

If you believe that a friend, family member, or intimate partner needs treatment, you have options. Family support is an essential piece of the recovery process, and we’re here to help you as you help your loved one.

In addition to inpatient and outpatient treatment, we provide referrals for interventions, medical detox, family counseling, and long-term counseling. We also offer educational resources to help you better understand behavioral health. We strive to take away the footwork—carving a seamless, peaceful pathway for you and the people you care about.

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